Public Speaking

Peter is a veteran of the digital world. He has worked in the digital space for more than two decades, working for a range of companies and holding executive digital positions in leading public and private institutions. He has worked in government, arts, education and the private sector, helping drive digital innovation from within.

As a digital futurist he brings genuine, real world experience and practical knowledge to his audiences.

Peter has seen the rise and fall of many digital “game changers” and uses his extensive, hands-on digital experience to sift through the noise about technology and change, and bring audiences the trends and innovations that matter.

Peter’s warm, entertaining and personal style makes the digital world accessible to non-technology people and brings digital trends and technology back within the grasp of business leaders who feel disconnected and lost. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious and his aim is to arm decision-makers with the knowledge necessary to regain control and make better customer experience and technology decisions.

He is especially passionate about the increasing ability of emerging technologies to change the world by improving equity of access to education and enabling inspiring, accessible and immersive digital experiences.

Peter’s work has been featured in CIO Magazine, a number of arts sector journals, and ABC online. He has appeared on ABC TV, RRR’s fabulous Multi-Storied program, and Grubby and Dee Dee’s Weekend Break on 3AW. He has spoken at Pausefest, appeared at Remix Sydney and spoken at conferences within the arts and GLAM sector.

His key topics include…

  • Emerging trends – new technologies and the experiences they enable; especially in the education, arts and the GLAM sector
  • The shift from access to experience – The changing approach of collection agencies
  • Creating integrated customer experiences – and leveraging the strengths of your physical and digital channels
  • Great digital cultures – bringing productive digital thinking into corporate culture
  • Disrupt yourself – before someone else does –  The importance of internal disruption and the importance of getting in first
  • Re-imagining the brand – the potential and process of re-invention and why it matters