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Like the businesses that I have worked with and for, my story is a story of digital reinvention.

After working in cinema, newspapers, magazines and radio for a number of years, I leapt from the relative safety of mainstream media into the uncertain waters of online media. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I have been able to help a broad mix of brands and public institutions understand what is happening around them, recognise the trends and technologies that matter to their business, and take advantage of change, rather than be dragged along behind it.

Contrary to what you might think, the approach to re-imagining a product or service does not have to be complex. Many of the old principles still hold true – they just need to be approached in a different way.

I am not a theorist – my views and insights have been forged by personal experience; by developing and implementing digital transformation strategies across multiple sectors. And while I have had responsibility for ICT departments, digital teams and emerging technologies in many of my roles, and have a working knowledge of the technology landscape, I am not a technologist.

At heart, I am a more a customer advocate. While the media like to talk about advances in technology, ultimately, technology is an enabler. Informed, respectful, insightful customer experience still lies at the heart of every successful digital endeavour.

That said, the capacity of digital technology to contribute to the re-imagining of brands and creation of amazing new customer experiences increases daily.

For more than two decades I have helped companies, institutions and audiences keep pace with the changing technology landscape, understand the impact of current and emerging technologies, and navigate that process of digital re-invention.

I have consulted to luxury brands, trade unions and training companies, and held executive positions across sectors as diverse as online gambling and entertainment, online media, and online education. My recent roles include Deputy CMO and Group Director of Marketing Operations at Monash University, Director – Digital, Marketing & Communications for the State Library Victoria, Executive Director – Marketing, Sales and Digital for Open Universities Australia, and Group Interactive Manager for Tatts Group Limited.

Increasingly, I work with senior executives and business owners helping them understand the impact and opportunities presented by emerging technologies, and re-imagine their businesses.

I help identify and harness the benefits that these new kinds of customer experiences can bring to brands and to their customers.

If you are considering making the same leap that I made, I can help make the process smoother and the landing better for your customers and your business.

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