This collection of articles share a few common themes. The topics draw together observations about the way that digital technologies change the way people engage with business, the arts, government and the community, and identify the ways that emerging technologies will shape our digital future.

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Digital experiences that change how we discover history – Part 2

The challenge of creating immersive, inspiring digital experiences in museums, libraries and galleries is driving innovation in a range of new directions. I discovered a rich collection of agencies drawing free of their conventional access systems (catalogues) and crafting fabulous discovery experiences.

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Are brands good listeners ?

Conventional brands are typically not good listeners. So its no surprise that social media engagement and real-time social media brand monitoring are extremely confronting concepts to some Australian brands. It challenges what was, until the advent of social media, a...

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Online is a main source for mainstream journalists

Brands and marketers who continue to treat information generated by online sources as isolated and inconsequential do so at their peril. Recently I was talking with a marketing acquaintance. He didn’t consider social media to be particularly topical. In fact his exact...

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Privacy & the subtle art of media monitoring

Read anything written about social media brand monitoring and you will swiftly arrive at the advice that every brand should be listening to the social dialogue surrounding their brand. But the question of why is sometimes neglected. There are a few reasons for this....

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