This collection of articles share a few common themes. The topics draw together observations about the way that digital technologies change the way people engage with business, the arts, government and the community, and identify the ways that emerging technologies will shape our digital future.

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Google remarketing that treats prospects with respect

As more and more marketers take advantage of the performance benefits of remarketing it is easy to forget the brand impact of doing so poorly. Ensuring that you are setting your frequency and creative levels correctly shows that you respect the prospect, can deliver performance returns and also presents the breadth of your offering without creating the perception of being a brand stalker.

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Digital experiences that change how we discover history – Part 2

The challenge of creating immersive, inspiring digital experiences in museums, libraries and galleries is driving innovation in a range of new directions. I discovered a rich collection of agencies drawing free of their conventional access systems (catalogues) and crafting fabulous discovery experiences.

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GLAM agencies and the accidental tourist – Part 1

Have you ever tried to explore a library or gallery collection without a specific goal in mind? If so, you’ll know that it can be an underwhelming experience. Conventional catalogue systems are designed for a specific audience that knows what it wants. That leaves the...

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Pokemon puts the Go into augmented reality

If you are wondering if augmented reality has stolen a march on its much hyped, but slow-moving virtual cousin you are not alone. I've been sipping on the VR coolade for some time now – and I’ve amassed an impressive, if cumbersome collection of headsets ranging from...

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Are libraries really about books?

No - at least not to the extent that people generally think. But it's a good question - and questions are what the discussion should be about. However, mention digital and libraries in the same sentence and you can be sure that the conversation will immediately turn...

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Great Twitter profile pages

Managing a brand consistently across the myriad social media channels that are available is challenging. Changes to the layout and profile pages of each social medium happen more and more regularly as they constantly evolve and extend their offerings. Twitter is one...

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