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Pragmatic, enthusiastic and practical. If you are navigating the digital landscape, Peter is the person you want with you. He is the voice of reason and common sense, and can show how to thrive in the digital world without the techno-speak and hype.

Rum Charles

Principal Consultant, AISS Training

It’s an exciting, unsettling, uncharted world. The physical is becoming virtual, products are becoming services, and services are becoming increasingly human. We talk to our technology and it answers back.

Robots call to ask us questions about our voting preferences, cars don’t need petrol – or drivers, drones deliver pizzas, houses are now able to think for themselves, and marketers are finally realising that customers always have been able to. The ability of the digital customers to publish their views means that your brand is not entirely your own. Do you find yourself wondering how we got here?

The media, desperate to remain relevant themselves, talk up the relentlessness of change and the disruptive force of new technology – and fuel the love affair that Australians already have with technology.

To make matters worse, over time the digital industry has developed a specialised, complex language that is inaccessible to anyone outside of the industry, leaving generations of executive teams and older business owners marginalised.

We communicate and share information in entirely new ways, and new technologies with the capacity to disrupt entire sectors seem to emerge on a weekly basis.

It’s fast and confusing. Anyone could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed and its increasingly hard to work out what trends and technologies are really significant.

But the landscape is not as foreign or as hostile as you may have been led to believe. It just requires a re-calibration of the compass to navigate.

Everything you know is not wrong. It just needs a different lens.

My approach is to relate things back to the core principles that have always underpinned good customer relationships and experiences – and then provide services that allow businesses to harness the appropriate delivery technology to craft a quality of experience in new and imaginative ways.

I work with senior executives and their teams to develop that lens, and use it to identify opportunities to use digital technology to make their businesses more efficient, their services more accessible and their customers more engaged. I talk to groups, large and small about the benefits and pitfalls involved in digital re-invention.

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